Calvary Baptist Church



Sunday School:

        Sundays. 9:30am

Morning Service:

        Sundays, 10:45am



As a local body of Christ in Negaunee, Calvary Baptist Church desires to impact our community through:

  1. Edification – The building up of the saints

  2. Exaltation – Praise and worship of God

  3. Evangelism – Spreading the Gospel of Christ


We desire to build up the saints through Edification by:

  1. Education to achieve growth in both the depth of knowledge of and love for God through personal and corporate study of His Word

  2. Equipping the members of the body by fostering growth in personal ministry to and love for others

We desire to display our praise and worship in Exaltation by:

  1. Expressing our love of God by means of public worship, music, prayer, and exercise of our spiritual gifts

  2. Evidencing our personal saving faith through the overflow of our heart’s desire to seek God’s will and serve Him

We desire to spread the Gospel of Christ through Evangelism activities by:

  1. Engaging those around us with the reason for the hope that dwells in us

  2. Exemplifying Christ through living a life reflecting His salvation and continuing work in our lives


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